Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear All,
I wish to send a message from the Facebook account of Save the Cock Tavern, an Irish Pub on a side road between Euston and Kings Cross.
Yours fraternally
Austin Harney,
Chair of CRAIC Fighting the Cuts.
The Cock Tavern is again under threat. Two years ago a massive campaign was successful in preventing the police from taking away Sheila's license. Now, despite having 12 years left to run on her lease, the pub's owners are embarked on a campaign of dirty tricks to kick her out.

Sheila's only "crime" is to run a successful working class pub in an area which is undergoing widespread development and gentrification. The owners want to close the pub and convert it into luxury housing for outsiders. Sheila has managed to turn the pub into a going concern without changing its nature or alienating her customers. It is that very rare thing - a genuine community pub.

The importance of Sheila, and The Cock Tavern, to the community was recently recognised by the Mayor of London. Completely out of the blue, and unsolicited by Sheila, she was awarded a certificate for services to local people. This has nothing to do with party politics, it was simply a refle...
ction of the affection with which her customers regard Sheila.

Now it's time for Sheila's friends and customers to do our bit for her - we cannot allow a faceless, offshore company to take away a vital community resource just so they can make millions through property development.

Please spread the word and support our campaign.


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