Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dear All,
I wish to enclose details of the March in Belfast against Austerity on 6th October. As we understand the ConDem Coalition is forcing the Northern Ireland Assemby to cut its budget severely of which will hit many community groups, there.
I, myself, will be attending this March!
Yours fraternally
Austin Harney,
Chair of CRAIC Fighting the Cuts.
The Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance - the largest trade union in Northern Ireland - has today endorsed the March for a Future called by Youth Fight for Jobs in Belfast on 6th October. The protest march against youth unemployment and cuts to education will take place during the eightieth anniversary of the Belfast Outdoor Relief Strike, which united Protestant and Catholic workers in struggle against the Poor Laws.
Pádraig Mulholland, President of NIPSA, said: -
"The £4.3 billion cuts agenda of the Assembly Executive threatens to devastate the public services which we all rely upon, undermine the economy and destroy 40,000 jobs in the public sector alone - that's 40,000 fewer jobs available for young people leaving education. We already have mass youth unemployment in many areas. NIPSA is committed to fighting to protect jobs and conditions, not just for our current members but for those who will need them in the future."
"Also, at a time when sectarian division is raising its head, we need to remember struggles like the Outdoor Relief Strike and say that working-class communities - Catholic and Protestant - have the same interests and are strongest when they stand united. That's why we're supporting this excellent initiative by Youth Fight for Jobs and call on our members and all trade unionists to join the march!"
Neil Moore, Acting Secretary of Youth Fight for Jobs NI, added: -
"We are delighted that NIPSA has come behind the march. We have got great support from the trade union movement - including from Unite, the biggest union in Britain and Ireland - from community activists and young people. There is a growing momentum behind the March for a Future and it can be an inspirational event, bringing young people and workers together from across the sectarian divide to fight for our common interests."
The march will assemble at 1.30pm on Saturday 6th October in Custom House Square - where the Outdoor Relief Strike was called - before symbolically marching up the Shankill and crossing the peaceline to the Falls

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